Hello, It's Dr. Martens

by HelluvaGirl

After I gave birth to Pia, I feel like my brain’s gone through a major change – not only in areas that naturally change, like, eating healthier, not enjoying really fast driving any more, or quitting drugs.

I also begin to notice my style preferences become less and less dolly-sweet-candy-like. I mean I’ve never purchased classic trench coats or considered clothes that are not so tight.

However, I can’t help it. I want cosy, natural-fibre, comfortable stuff. Sounds goddamn boring? Well, let’s see.

Here’s my new idea:

The colour I adore:

Hello Kitty everywhere – this time it’s a collaboration for real 😀

A feminine touch to what I’d call kick-arse boots – literally:

My two favourites:

And a vintage pair – the way they were first made on 1 April 1960:

It was so recently that I sincerely hated this type of shoes and felt a bit suspicious about people wearing them 🙂 Ah, sweet mystery of life…*

Although I happened to change my tastes, Augustas apparently has rather uncompromising views on Dr. Martens. He said he absolutely resents them and would very much hate if I wore them. Even more than he hates my stripper’s shoes. Oh dear. Relationships are all about sacrifice.

His sacrifice, that is.

Photo: dmusastore.com

* The title of a great short story by Roald Dahl.