This is not a diary any more

Steven Alan S 2011

Model Palloma Photo: style.com

Michael Angel S 2011

Model Helle Platou Photo: style.com

Nicole Miller S 2011

Model Rose Cordero Photo: style.com

Peter Som S 2011

Model Dorothea Barth Jorgensen Photo: style.com

Ports 1961 S 2011

Model Charlotte di Calypso Photo: style.com

Hello, It's Dr. Martens

After I gave birth to Pia, I feel like my brain’s gone through a major change – not only in areas that naturally change, like, eating healthier, not enjoying really fast driving any more, or quitting drugs. I also begin to notice my style preferences become less and less dolly-sweet-candy-like. I mean I’ve never purchased […]

Hello Kitty And LV Collaboration

We’re all abuzz because of the recent news on the Lanvin and H&M collaboration. But how’s that? Has anyone heard? Or is it only in Thailand? 🙂 Photo: mine.

Julian Louie S 2011

Model Amanda Laine Photo: style.com