Autumn Wishlist Revisited

by HelluvaGirl

Ok, change of plan. There was no plan to begin with; still, we thought we wouldn’t go to cold and rainy Lithuania till at least March next year – would be too drastic to experience a ~40 degrees C temperature change. However, all circumstances lead to us returning in the beginning of October this year and I must say I feel sooo happy! Β Miss my friends and Vilnius like hell.

Therefore, no sandals for Lithuanian A/W season πŸ™‚

Was considering several outerwear options for autumn:

This wool boyfriend coat looks just like the one Carrie wore in Abu Dhabi, only warmer. Not sure it’s my thing though, as have boobs and everything, i. e. not so boyfriend type of bod.

I also loved this leo faux fur coat because of its vintage touch.

Finally, I ordered this amazing French Connection trench which is on the way to me:

I totally love the khaki and the design. This thing will be classy forever! There was a black option but due to a slight shiny effect of the material it looked somewhat S&M (“Who’s you mistress?!”).

I already have my Converse shoes; H&M boyfriends are on their way (will tell you later about this); I also couldn’t resist the Levi’s bargain the other day – it was twice cheaper than in Lithuania and the first pair I tried on fit me perfectly. That never happens to me, so I took it as a sign.

I’m still thinking of the Angelas. Pricey they are. Will browse for rubber booties some more and decide.

My mum’s knitting me a warm cardy and here’s a cutie I found on Vila’s website:

Great colours, arty shape.

I also need a small sweater, something like this from River Island:

Black velvet leggings would also be a good item to have in chilly weather:

Will keep you posted, friends!