by HelluvaGirl

In Chiang Mai, we mostly encounter ordinary people – waiters, shopkeepers, street vendors, market sellers etc. With all respect to this hard-working folk who is extremely friendly in this country, it is not our crowd back home. But we see them all the time and inevitably get the feeling everybody here belongs to the same social stratum. I often miss different faces, makeup,┬ámanners and appearances. Variety, so to speak.

It was a complete incident that we found this iberry place today. I felt like it’s a totally different Chiang Mai! Beginning with the exterior which I could shoot from every corner as wherever I looked there was something quite remarkable design-wise. It’s an ice-cream cafe and a small park in one, with sculptures and installations and the young generation of beau monde relaxing in an air-conditioned inside with their iPads and iPhones and DSLR’s and everything, while outside, at the tables scattered in a rather large and meticulously kept green area, tourists and locals have deserts and take pictures of each other here and there.

I hope you enjoy what I managed to capture:

From what I notice, Thailand is a country of contrasts: there are people who sleep on pavements and there are teenagers carrying Miu Miu bags and Blackberries. I don’t see middle class, there is no bridge between the rich and the poor. The former are looked up to, while the latter seem to be living their lives embracing who they are and smiling, smiling, smiling.

Photo: mine.