Mon Amour Nouveau

by HelluvaGirl

Excuse my French please – am one of those students who learn five words or phrases and eagerly use them wherever possible, often mistakenly 🙂

Anyway, I couldn’t sleep last night and Augustas seriously thinks I should stop browsing shoes in the evenings. Here’s what I discovered yesterday:

Moschino Angela rubber boots. I’m seriously considering buying as Lithuania – where we’re heading in several months – is a rainy place and this type of boots is the best choice during many months of  the year if you don’t want to spoil quality footwear in the spring and autumn showers. And mud. Yikes.

I remember bright yellow rubber boots I had in my early childhood. Parents tell me I just loved raving in rain water on pavements wearing them 🙂

Never owned rubber boots since then but I’m sure they oughta be stylish. Well, if you care to be stylish in the first place. And these black swans are precisely what I imagine myself wearing. Muddy. Marvelous.

My mum promised to knit me a cardy – something similar to this cosy one by See by Chloe – will be a perfect match!