L'Occitanne Face And Body Soaps

by HelluvaGirl

Although I usually chose creamy facial cleansers and rich shower oils (dry skin, sigh), last month I decided to try out L’Occitanne¬†Shea Butter Ultra Rich Face Soap and Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap with Milk. The shea butter sounded promising; besides, I thought it would be sorta fun to go back to basics. Imagine a French style country house with weathered exterior, light and clean rooms, airy bathroom with no fancy products, just soap… Well, if it’s soap, why go for anything less than L’Occitanne?

I’ve been using the products for more than a month now. The bar of face soap doesn’t seem to have gone any smaller, while the body soap, which both me and Augustas use, will be enough for at least two more months. It means as soap it’s quite expensive; however, as a cleanser it is very money-saving.

The quality? Well, I should admit I expected more. After my morning shower, the face seems to be, how shall I put it, very cleansed. I get the impression the soap could not only wash away makeup , but it also removes the natural moisture of the skin.

Can’t say too much about the body soap either. It’s big, I’ll be using it for quite a long time but I’m not buying it again. Too little hydration for me. I’ll better go for my all-time favourite, L’Occitanne¬†Almond Shower Oil. I promise to share my impressions on it next time.

In other words, soap is soap.

Photo: usa.loccitane.com.