by HelluvaGirl

This weekend was leisurely spent in bed with a number of films. Well, “leisurely” is a strong word considering an almost one year old toddler requiring food, dry diapers, constant attention and iPhones as toys (which were unfortunate enough to fly on the floor more times than one). Still, I managed to watch five films 🙂

Finally, I got to see SATC 2, which probably has already been overanalysed and prattled on in the media. Still, I want to say some words as an old fan of the TV show and someone who’s watched SATC 1 for maybe nine times.

I’m not sure why they made this movie. There was nothing in it. No character, no wit. And during the first 15 minutes everybody were smiling so much, so unnaturally, with such an obvious effort, I started pitying the actors whose jaws must have ached like hell. Where did the colours of the four women go? To cakey faces and unnecessary display of outfits and out of their legendary dialogs – there were merely any fun conversations to begin with. And Carrie with Big – gosh, did they sound like people who’ve been involved in a dirty affair? ‘Cause they were, at least once. They sounded more like a couple from Pleasantville. Synthetic. In general, talking was as if a small thing hurriedly added to complement the rag parade.

The karaoke song reminded of teenager films with pink happy-endings that make you throw up and during all this Abu Dhabi adventure the foursome looked like stupid giggling schoolgirls who’ve been invited to a limo by an elderly man.

Why did they make this film, again? I mean we’ve seen a long commercial of brands in the first part.

SATC 2 killed both Sex and the City. I’m so sorry.