Absolute €8 Pleasure

by HelluvaGirl

As life’s all about ups and downs, I had a rewarding visit to a hairdresser’s after a useless and irritating pedicure experience two days ago.

I read about Absolute Hair Studio on chickynetchiangmai.ning.com – this time decided to rely on others’ recommendations and not take risks like last time. It was a walk-in visit; I was met by an assistant and taken to a Thai hair stylist who spoke good English. He asked me what I preferred to do with my hair and the assistant took me to have it washed. Let me tell you: nobody, I mean nobody ever washed my hair for such a long time, putting so much attention and effort and massaging… Ahhh 🙂 I almost fell asleep. Then another stylist began trimming my hair (wanted just a cut, nothing complex), his assistant brought me a glass of water and I grabbed a Cosmopolitan.

So the haircut took the shortest time compared to the shampooing and drying. I had an amazing massage while getting my hair washed and after the cut two men – one of whom might even be straight – blow-dried my hair. I felt real good in those four hands 🙂

So yes, to anyone willing to have a haircut in Chiang Mai I recommend Absolute. I heard there’s a stylist who does great highlights, too.

Wearing Ray Ban Cats, a heli and DiorKiss gloss.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.