The Ultimate Thai Pedicure Experience

by HelluvaGirl

There are hundreds of places in Chiang Mai to have various kinds of massage done. The salon doors rarely say “Pedicure” which was time for me to get done.

After finding the doors of the neighbouring salon locked on Thursday 5 pm (a big celebration, the B-day of the Queen), I headed towards the Central mall as I’d seen some sort of beauty parlour there. I asked if I could have a pedicure done and one of the two busy hairdressers asked to wait a moment. I sat on a faux leather chair and waited.

I’ve heard them say that to know whether you want a hair stylist to touch your head, look at his/her ‘do first. The one I talked to had plastic butterflies in her tresses.

She approached me again and asked: “You want manicure”, pointing at my feet, “or pedicure?”, showing her hands. I said pedicure and pointed at my feet. Ok, she said.

Finally, another girl came with a black plastic bowl full of water. I asked if I should stay where I was. She didn’t speak English and I made myself understood by gestures. So I had to stay basically in the waiting chair in the middle of the salon.

The girl took my foot (without washing or anything) and began trimming my toe nails. Afterwards, she took a metal file and that was the moment I seriously regretted not waiting for Monday when the neighbouring salon would probably open.

I’ve noticed many Thai women having their toe nails shaped like bird’s, sort of pointed and narrowing at the ends. After finishing trimming the first foot she looked at me and asked if it was ok. Of course, my nails were all round and very short. Sort of tiny unpleasantly looking dots.

I nodded my head, having decided to have a full Thai pedicure experience without interfering. What could I say to a person who couldn’t understand me? I hadn’t prepared a collection of gestures for apparently complicated requests…

By that time my back was beginning to ache.

Later, as the girl worked on my nails and I’ve picked a sort of purple blackish nail polish, a horrific thought crossed my mind she was only going to cut and colour my nails without scrubbing the soles or anything.

That’s exactly what happened. She applied one layer of polish in a way I knew I’ll remove it as soon as I get home.

So much for my 6 Euro pedicure. Gosh, I gotta have another one tomorrow… And hopefully there is no hepatitis written in my karma.

Photo: mine (forgive the iPhone quality).