Autumn Wishlist 2010

by HelluvaGirl

I live in a place where AW collections are but glossy pictures of cosy belted cardies, stylish suede longboots, distressed jeans, leather coats and faux fur hats. I know I’m not gonna be needing any of these till the next year as we are heading West only next spring. Oh, well. It’s not a reason to not have an autumn wishlist, right? πŸ™‚

To those maybe not aware of my approach towards trends, I don’t quite follow fashion instructions and whenever there’s a wishlist, it’s usually an eclectic reflection of the winds blowing in my head.

So. Been feeling like getting blue nails. I usually don’t use any nail polish at all since I got rid of my acrylic nails (oh yeah), and if I do, it’s scarlet red. However, this autumn’s bringing continual +34 C, so I might as well get blue nails instead of a Fair Isle cardy.

Do you know a girl who owns 0 pairs of jeans? No? Yes. There was a time I decided it was a great idea to wear only dresses and I’ve probably been working on it πŸ™‚ But every person needs some good old denim in their wardrobe. Here’s a pair of PRPS slim boyfriend goodies:

Then I’m definitely getting classic Converse. I just felt it’s time for me to get them.

Then of cuhhh-ourse new flat sandals. I had to throw out the ones I bought in Chiang Mai after their first rain, how ’bout that.

I found this sandal online and I have no idea who’s it is. Can’t figure out the letters on the sole. Can anyone please? The funny thing is, I went to sleep last night in the middle of writing this post and dreamed these are Diesel sandals πŸ˜€ Obviously, my subconscious is sadly mistaken and has to work on telling brands as I don’t see Diesel on the sole either way I read it πŸ˜›

Where do I buy those? I don’t really like the upbeat brown but the combination of brown and turquoise is amazing:

I also need a bag. Not much to carry around except my iPhone but whenever I have to take something more with me, it’s a prob. Isn’t this Lulu Guiness Eyelash Tokyo Black BagΒ cute?

I also want something very neutral that goes with everything, like this Topshop cross-body bag:

I’m not a guy but I quite like gadgets. Right now, Blackberry is on my wishlist. Want a break from iPhone. Augustas says it’s a downgrade but I don’t care about upgrade, so: