Givenchy Photo'Perfexion

by HelluvaGirl

I’ve almost used up the bottle of Givenchy Photo’Perfexion No. 1 – Perfect Ivory, so I guess I can say a few words about the product.

It was an incidental buy. I mean, I’d known nothing about the particular foundation and simply relied on the shop-assistant’s recommendation. Which I don’t regret at all as it’s one of the best foundation’s I’ve used. My skin’s quite sensitive after a contact with water, so after each morning shower and my moisturiser, Photo’Perfexion sorta refreshes my skin and has a relieving effect. It applies evenly and gives radiance to my face – as the makeup girl at the shop said, “a 3D effect” – which makes me giggle remembering it. I know there are all those new buzz words to intrigue purchasers, but c’mon, a foundation with a 3D effect is funny. Non? 🙂

Apart from funny marketing, the foundation does a seriously good job on the face: it moisturises well, stays on and, while being light and natural, still hides minor blemishes. I have never bought a concealer, so I can tell when a foundation can work like one. There are not so many of them suitable for casual wear, i. e. not making your face feel as if under a mask, AND beautifully evening out, concealing and comforting.

By the way, now that I’ve switched to Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser and got a bit darker skin tone, I use my Givenchy as an under-eye concealer – works nicely.

Women who consider the price not of the least importance, should know that the bottle’s only 25 ml. However, the foundation’s 20 SPF and a high-quality one in general.

Photo: mine.