Low Profile

by HelluvaGirl

Today we went for a long walk to the Chiang Mai downtown. Visited several book shops and bought Pia a book.

I was wearing a very simple outfit. All the basics: D&G jeans-turned-shorts, the XDYE Basic Apparel tee, Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. I love love love these shoes:

Sure I had to put my hand into some shit or silt or whatever lying there beside waiting… This karma thing of mine 😐

I got this hand-made bangle from Karen long-neck village near Mae Hong Son, where Burma fugitives live in a sort of reservation. They’ve escaped from repressions in their own country and now survive basically by selling tourists their souvenires, a symbolic support coming from the government, too. We went there 2,5 years ago. There are arguments whether it’s ethical for Westerners to go and look at other people as if they were some kind of a zoo. But then, if we can do at least a small thing to help the underprivileged, why not do so? Here’s the woman who sold me the bangle:

We were hanging out in the city and found this really beautiful wall saying East objects:

The colours match my tattoo nicely:

I’m all used to the mix of sunscreen and sweat on my body and almost ignore the feeling. Got really tired though, so popped round this Starbucks place. Augustas says something’s happened to me – we never go to Western places. Oh, well. Wanted a big comfy armchair to embrace me 🙂

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.