New Glasses

by HelluvaGirl

I’m seriously thinking of new glasses. Would like them to be a statement accessory. Something like the nerdy ones, which Goda says are sooo yesterday, so I have to find something else. Would be great to have a thing on my nose to hide behind during those recurring no-makeup days. It should suit my casual looks; therefore, nothing too fancy, too secretary or too retro-schoolteacher that I wear now in the evenings after fishing out my contacts. These are my Guy Laroche (the picture taken soon after I’d given birth to Pia):

Wearing Stepford-wife floral-print knit sweater and vintage earrings.

Should I go for bone? Some statement colour? But what? The complicated thing about statements is that they are good only in their particular contexts. Argh, I think I’ll end up with some variation of cat-eyes, like I usually do.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.