Lemon Tree in Floral

by HelluvaGirl

Today, we went to dinner at Lemon Tree. Augustas took several pictures of me wearing ASOS floral print tulip dress and the stripper’s shoes. He hates them still.

Augustas said I was posing a bit like a whore. The fact is, I’m a lady in disguise.

A very persuasive disguise…

I know I oughta wear makeup but often I’m just soooo lazy to do that… Please forgive my somewhat sick look on the face. Despite what my mother thinks, natural is not always a synonym of beautiful.

Oh, and the gradual tanner is doing it’s work. It’s the fifth day. Or the sixth. It’s hard to follow when the temperature outside is constant +35 C. By the by, it was only today that I noticed the body lotion’s got this subtle barely visible glitter. Not the I-went-to-a-party-last-night-and-didn’t-shower-since kinda glitter. Would’ve noticed earlier.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.