White And Blue And Hot

by HelluvaGirl

Went to lunch to this Burmese restaurant today. It is not in our neighbourhood, so we took a stroll instead of just turning round our condo corner and dropping in one of the usual places. Like, the waitresses in the Japanese restaurant already know Pia by the name; the waitresses of the Lemon Tree are as well our babysitters – they always play with Pia while we eat, and we always tip them; we used to go to this Vietnamese restaurant but I can’t say I appreciated the smell there, and after the owner gave Pia a fork to play we never returned; then there’s Le Berg – great coffee, and if you know which dishes to avoid (they come in those tiny high-end-restaurant-sized portions), you’ll have very very delicious food for a good price; and there’s this outside terrace of Mother Earth (the girl’s got this very characteristic constitution) – cheap and totally yummy.

So, we went to the Burmese place and Augustas took pictures 🙂

Wearing Mrs. Nielsen’s dress, Khrio neon-fuchsia-wooden-heel shoes and a headband I got in Camden Town in London.

This is my third day of L’Oreal gradual tanning. The body lotion hydrates well; however, I sorta get several red spots on the face after using the face cream. Not sure, maybe it’s the water? The colour’s very subtle – and its good. Don’t wanna end up a tiger!

Regards to you all from hot hot Chaing Mai – by the way, the locals aren’t used to tourists who wear other than flip-flops, beige shorts and a tank top, let me tell’ya 😀

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.