Waiting for Delivery

by HelluvaGirl

Here in Thailand, I’ve been missing some of the things I left back home. I’d gladly send over here some of the people I’d really love to have a decent conversation with. Some of them have visited, other plan on coming, which is a-mazingly refreshing. However, Thailand’s far away and not all of the longed ones can be close again.

Gladly, there are things like things that can be sent over via mail without a greater difficulty. Yesss, Mrs. Nielsen was kind enough to fetch some of my shoes from a warehouse and send them to me. Well, at least she did her part of the job, now its the great postal powers’ task not to lose them on the way. Damn, makes me sick to think that several pairs of my fave shoes could be gone forever, wandering lost in this wide wide world separated from me. I mean it’s brutal. Especially given Mrs. Nielsen also bought me some gradual tanner I’m dying to try out.

The delivery should’ve taken two weeks, and that was up the day before yesterday.

I’m usually not a praying man but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.

Photo: mine.