The Stuff Is Here!

by HelluvaGirl

Today, I decided to check out the condo office and ask about my delivery – will it come in a box nocking on my door, shall I receive a note and will have to go get in the post office… The girl gave a sort of distant look, asked if I was room 614, then turned to her desk and said: “Oh, your delivery is here already”. It’s been there downstairs for three days, and did anyone bother to tell me?.. Thai style. Gotta get used to it.

Anyway, Augustas said he had to take some pics of me ’cause he hadn’t seen me as happy here in Thailand through all this time.

My shoes are here! Back to mama!

It was so lovely from Mrs. Nielsen to send over some Lithuanian chocolate 🙂

And this is my L’Oreal gradual tanning cream for face and body. Gonna start using it tomorrow and report on the results.

P. S. Mrs. Nielsen is my closest friend. Together we release some kind of inner bitches and it happens to be fun. I love that with her, I can be sarcastic all I want. And “above everything”. And touchy sometimes. She says if they published the history of our online chats as a book, it could be called “Vagina Dialogs” or something. I don’t know.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.