Bijou Bijou

by HelluvaGirl

I’m not sure where I caught this notion one oughta either wear expensive jewellery or none whatsoever but it’s been in my head for a veeery long time. It somehow happened that I haven’t come into possession of precious items made by Tiffany’s and other respectable jewellery makers so it all boiled down to a situation when for quite a number of years I haven’t been wearing any accessories at all, with the exception of my grandmother’s gypsy-style Russian gold earrings she got from my grandfather some 60 years ago for bearing their second son. (Isn’t it a marvelously oldfashioned tradition, men giving a present for their wives who give them children as presents?) She gave them to me several years ago and they are one of the most precious things I own.

The other is Augustas’ gift for my B-day which I wear every day – it’s the earrings by Lithuanian jewellers, you can check out their work here. Take a good look at what they do with Barbie faces! 🙂

So much for my treasures. I don’t really get the idea of going to a shop and buying myself a ring or a bracelet – I believe those things should be acquired as presents – only then they have this special meaning, a story and aura about them. Since my manfriend is more of a books-and-concert-tickets type, and I’m not used to buying myself jewellery (it’s shoes, remember), the accessory-free outfits I wear recently started seeming a bit dull.

I thought maybe there’s a good time for change? Maybe there’s nothing, err, cheap about wearing not-so-expensive bijouterie? Of course there isn’t, I just have to overcome my uneasiness.

Started by browsing ASOS and Topshop range and was pleasantly surprised. Here are some of my fave items:

A very lovely ASOS brooch:

I love sculls! These are cute little studs from Topshop:

Joucy Couture crown studs:

Girlie heart-shaped stud earrings:

French Connection ball ring – like the subtle pastel colour:

ASOS bitten apple ring – looks delicious:

Disney Couture leather wrap bracelet – would look great in summer, light and playful:

ASOS peacock bangle – well, I have a thing for peacocks 😉

This Disney Couture tink bangle is my fave, Barbie pink and cute:

This cameo suede plait from Topshop looks very original:

The last one is a very shiny Kenneth Jay Lane piece – and really expensive – it could be a statement accessory to a calm and minimalist outfit:

I’ve chosen rather girlie bling-bling style items. Is it my inner child raving or what? 🙂

Photo:,, mine.