Le Pont Des Amoureux

by HelluvaGirl

Last night we went to Le Berg for dinner. Waiting for my pad thai kung (Thai noodles with shrimps), I grabbed a magazine from a stack near our sofa – Men Intrend or something. I was thoughtlessly skimming through the pages until suddenly my eye cought something absolutely remarkable. A unique piece of art that captured my attention so much I looked for it online after returning home.

Take a look:

Le Pont Des Amoureux. The Lovers’ Bridge. White gold, 18 carat diamonds and hand-painted enamel dial which has been burnt in a special furnace under different temperatures to get different shades of gray, thus creating a 3D effect.

The truly amazing part (and you thought it was the rocks!) is that the man (the minute hand) moves towards the lady (the hour hand) and twice a day, at midday and midnight, they finally meet for a kiss – and after a minute start their journey anew. The man, as it often happens, is more eager to meet the girl, ant passes the bridge 12 times a day to get lucky.

The bridge actually exists: it’s over the Thiou River in Annecy, France. However, the bridge’s appearance on the timepiece doesn’t resemble the one in reality.

This watch is designed by the genius artist Jean-Marc Wiederrecht. It is powered by the Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 846. The timepiece is in the collection of Poetic Complications.

And if by any chance you eager gents decide to start saving up for a royal present, mind that this watchmaking miracle costs $116,000.


Photo: vancleef-arpels.com/en/van-cleef.html?zone=as#/poetry/