I Really Like Bobbi

by HelluvaGirl

Yesterday I went on my hunt. Was looking for a gradual tanner (two actually – body and face), body scrub and facial bronzer. Came home with a tinted moisturiser, sunscreen and scrub.

They don’t have self-tanning products here at all. Or they hide it in places I’m not aware of. The sad truth is, willing to order and get a teeny weeny bottle of lotion from ebay or amazon I either can’t do that ’cause they don’t send to Thailand, or I pay two-to-three times more for the delivery than the product’s actually worth. No deal.

So no tan. Anyway, I got a barely visible shade on my bod in Koh Phangan, and my Gyvenchy Photo’Perfexion Perfect Ivory started seeming just a little too white, so I decided to try out a tinted moisturiser – a cream and a foundation in one.

Now, where was I all this time? It’s perfect. I chose Bobbi Brown Medium Tint SPF 15 and it immediately turned me into a healthy human being instead of this poor gal on chemo – that’s how I look without any foundation at all. (Trust me, I’m not too self-critical here.) The moisturiser is really soft, well-absorbing, sparingly distributes, doesn’t wear off till the end of the day and gives a truly natural, not heavy, not cakey, but healthy and radiant look. I’m definitely gonna switch to tinted moisturisers instead of regular foundations from now on.

It was only later we noticed somebody else was smiling at the camera, too 😀

Here’s how I got the look:

Used Givenchy foundation as an under-eye concealer, applied Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser, matte black Nars eyeshadow for my eyebrows (found out there’s a good place where they dye them, but until then…), L’Oreal Double Extension for eyelashes.

I bought that bright pink Make Up For Ever shade as an eyeshadow and only after a slight rash on my eyelids read the box saying it was a blush 🙂 Use it for its true purpose from then on. And, frankly, I realised I don’t need a bronzer yet while my body isn’t tanned – even the lightest shade would make my face look too brown and the head as if hafted on a strange body. So, pink cheeks it is.

Finally, DiorKiss Strawberry Smoothie for the lips. Got it recently and love it – looks bright in the tube but as you see in the pics the shade is rather subtle. I wish it didn’t wear off as quickly, though. On the other hand, it’s not unpleasantly sticky as it happens with certain stay-on glosses.

The day’s over, my Bobbi Brown’s still in place, gonna go eat some ice-cream and finish watching House M. D. season 5.

Off to Laos tomorrow night for a visa run. Get in touch in several days!

Photo: Augustas Gutautas, mine.