Arty In And Out

by HelluvaGirl

I really enjoy seeing examples of original and arty design here in Chiang Mai. I usually find them in places that are more for themselves – I mean Thai people, the locals – and less for tourists. There are markets with somewhat dirty yet smiling authenticity; there are Western pubs owned by Germans (we don’t go there), and only rarely my eye catches an object that basically has no obviously expressed “nationality”, i. e. one could find them somewhere in Europe, Scandinavia or Canada. And yet they are here.

The first one’s taken in my fave place on our street, called Le Berg. I like the white, the clean and the interior design magazines they have stashed in the corners 🙂 Oh, and they make the best Pad Thai I’ve ever tried – and I’ve been eating Pad Thais for 1,5 month non-stop. Yes, I tend to have addictions.

The following two are from the same place. I don’t remember the name but loved the pastel mood about it. There were no people, just this silent terrace. Like a picture in itself:

Met those two guys talking on the street yesterday:

The yellow sign says “Welcome To Funny Place” 🙂

Photo: mine.