I'm on a Hunt

by HelluvaGirl

As one can see in the pictures, I’ve got really pale skin. It’s the reason for all the envious and admiring glances I get at supermarkets and on the street here in Thailand – the country is probably the largest consumer of skin whitening products. I sometimes try to count the ones that do not say “WHITENING” on the store shelf. There’s no such thing – all of them are whitening, either fighting acne, moisturising, getting rid of hair growth or concealing. I once tried to find a progressive tanner – you know, the self-tanner that builds up gradually after several applications and isn’t orange the next morning. The girl at Boot’s thought my skin tone was great as it was and said: “Please don’t tan it! People pass by and comment on your skin, how perfectly fair it is.” In all the other shops nobody understood me (why would I need to darken my skin?..), and Watson’s shop assistants simply laughed at my face. Darken my skin?.. Now, really. I must be crazy.

And still I’d like to get some healthy glow. No plans on becoming all carroty like them solarium chicks – like myself five years ago. Ahem, silly old extremes. So good to be wise and learn to get any look in healthier ways. Om.

So I’m on a hunt now. Made this little research on the best facial bronzers as well as body tanners. There’re several supposedly bestest, and while I’m looking for the ones, here’s the wishlist to chose from:

1. Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder

Read some good reviews. Seems to be rather sheer and light on the skin – important ’cause noone wants orange streaks on the cheeks!

2. Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder

Referred to as the one “that has been there forever”. Must be a reason 🙂

3. Egyptian Earth

I’ve actually owned this one. Used it for a very long time, a couple of years maybe, and still almost half of it was left. It is good because although the powder is rather dark it applies very thinly and evenly, so it’s suitable even for fairer skin tones – you just have to apply less. I’ve never tried it on a really pale skin that I have now, though – wonder if the result wouldn’t be ca-ca-ca-carrot face…

4. Laura Mercier Shimmer Block

Like the fact it’s got several different shades so I could highlight and bronze the face in all the right places. Wonder if Robinson’s has it though. Otherwise would have to order online. Argh, will have to order online anyway – they have it all whitening here!

Then there are several gradual body tanners that online forums praise a lot:

1. Palmer’s Bronzing Gradual Tan

Among the budget choices, this one’s the most popular.

2. They also often mention Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer

3. Clarins Sun Care Spray Gentle Milk Lotion Progressive Tanning SPF 20

This gradual tanner has the reputation of not building up , being non-streaky and, well, a bit pricey.

I haven’t tried any of those but Jergens sounds tempting – a hydrating moisturiser with a hint of colour. Clarins has got SPF which is ideal – spending time in the sunshine I as well need protection.

Will make my choice and report on the impressions as soon as I see the results. If anyone know any of those or other related products, opinions and advice are more than welcome!

Photo: sephora.com, bikorcosmetics.com, beautyheaven.com.au, international.drugstore.com.