My New Gray Ankle Boots

by HelluvaGirl

I can’t say I live in Thailand but it’s neither a holiday. Well, a very long one anyway. How do people dress on holidays? Depends on the vacationing style, but usually it’s casual, laid back and comfy. At home, in Lithuania, I used to find a reason for dressing up. Here, I’ve used up my patience with unpretentious flipflops and makeup-free lunches. Started missing heels sooo much… that I bought ones 🙂 Thailand or no Thailand, it’s time for a teeny weeny bit of elegance and original twist:

The dress is also bought locally. Sorta liked this combination of a tank top and a girlie skirt.

I’m wearign a Lisbeth Dahl bead necklace and Ray Ban Cats.

A close-up of my new gray friends:

The way they’re cut out reminds a little of my stripper’s shoes but the colours and textures are far away from that association.

P. S. The sandals I was so happy about went down the drain (or to the garbage basket, to be more precise) after one rainy day… or rainy 15 minutes, to be more precise. The monsoon season is in Chiang Mai!

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.