New Sandals And Tabi Boots

by HelluvaGirl

How long one can live without new shoes? Trust me, it’s not merely a way of spending His hard-earned money or indulging into low consumerist pleasures. Nor isn’t all other female games and trickery (didactic tone).

Started using makeup after a month or so – noticed my Givenchy Photo’Perfection 3D miracle’s got 20 SPF. It probably makes me look not as exhausted; even one or two compliments came along. See, when old acquaintances started to open our Facebook convos with lines like “How do you feel?” and “Are you really ok?”, at first I tried to respond with humour. Not after tens of such concerned questions on Facebook, email, texts and blog comments. Decided it was time for a public statement:

My dear friends, I’m not anorexic. May have a tired look, though, because am tired 🙂 For those willing to know what makes me tired here, lazing in Thailand, I suggest bearing a baby and reducing their usual night’s sleep by approximately five hours. End of statement 🙂

Time for fun stuff. Got those sandals in Central department store. My yellow ones from Lithuania had worn out (I seem to trip quite often on even places) so I decided to buy new ones, especially because taupe is the new black this summer 🙂 Plus they have this modest look I love. It’s one of the purchases when you see and say “this is it”. Taupe part made of patent leather, black part – thick material.

Here’s ASOS tulip dress which I only put on once in Lithuania. It’s one of my fave clothes here in Thailand. One of the five pieces of clothing I have 😐

I hold hands behind my back not because I’m a suspicious person – hiding a bag with buns there. Anorexic

And now I’m catching my breath. Got a newsletter from and saw something much better than Ugg boots. Have a look at the alternative to the already-boring Aussie footwear:

These are ninja boots! Tabi boots they are. Lurve them!

Photo: Augustas Gutautas,,