Why Shoes Not Jeans?

by HelluvaGirl

I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to why so many women adore shoes. Being a shoe-crazed shopper is almost a standard among girls who tend to know a thing or two about style, trends, appearances and alike. Yes, I’ve met fans of bags. Or women who own a department-store-sized closet of underwear and continue to greed for more.

Are we all fetish-driven, the shoe-lovers? Are we simply following the French rule saying one must have a stylish hairdo and footwear, the rest is of minor importance? Why do I love buying shoes?

It was not until yesterday that I realised: ’cause whenever I gather myself to start looking for a new pair of jeans, the reality is disappointing: the prices of regular nothing-to-write-home-about jeans start from 100 Euros, the rest are not worth mentioning, and the ones you see and exclaim EUREKA! – have a proud figure of €300 on the price tag…

While shoes… I always find shoes I love. The eureka feeling in shoe shops comparing to Levi’s stores descends on me times 50:1.

“My bottom doesn’t look good in these…”, I mumbled to the shop assistant yesterday, who asked what exactly was wrong with the pair of jeans she offerred. I know – she thought it was my arse that was wrong. I left disappointed anyway.

While in the shoeshop, which I visited purely for consolation, there were those green suede boots, mmm…

I continue to wear my old Miss 60’s which are above all slipping down and have a broken zipper at the right ankle. Where the hell are my Christmas miracles?!


Photo: CK Jeans.