Stripper's Shoes

by HelluvaGirl

It was not Augustas’ lucky day – my outfit asked for them and nothing else. My manfriend usually appreciates the wardrobe choices I make, however extravagant; still the Bronx ankle boots, known in our family as the “stripper’s shoes”, have earned his resentment at the very first sight 🙂

DSC_4858 (1)

Not sure why exactly – perhaps because of the aforementioned association. On the other hand, who doesn’t like strippers???

And I lurve these Bronxes. Keep clapping my hands to have noticed their sale. By the by, I found them at Style Bubble’s, too.



I’m wearing a 1,5 year old Atmosphere jacket from London Primark shop, Morgan handbag from Bangkok and Mrs. Kristina Nielsen’s dress, which she gave me as a present when I was pregnant. Suits me still 🙂


Photo: Augustas Gutautas.