Autumn Wishlist Coming True

by HelluvaGirl

Not sure if I’m experiencing a post-partum depression, but I can tell you this: tears go floodin’ the damn room whenever I open my closet.

First time I did this without the protruding belly, I was shocked.

I sat on the sofa for a while with my eyes fixed on the wall and asked myself: “Where are my clothes? Where are they? Where?” Then He told me. As it appears, during the pregnancy I tossed out my closet to the garbage container. But how could I? All of it? I couldn’t just give out all of them to the poor? Something must’ve been left? Hmmm.

Here’s what I ordered at ASOS sale. Goes well under a big warm cardy (which I’m about to finish knitting) and rough boots. Wha’d’ya think?

Gėlėta violetinė suknelė

Nice with a jacket and heels. Have to think of something.

Gėlėta tamsi suknelė

And these are a good girl’s shirt:

Gėlėti marškinukai

All flowers and berries. Started fancying country style, I guess. Think Irish hills. And everything unbuttons – it is essential for helping the mobile milk factory operate smoothly at all times.

There was something else. A miracle’s just happened.

We haven’t opened Pia’s visiting season yet; despite that, we made an exception for a couple of friends who’ve shortly returned from abroad. Take a look at Indre’s gift to me:




Les Tropeziennes – they already gave me splinters 🙂 Well, this “initiation” happens with all new shoes I put on. When the feet recover, I’ll be running in these classy heels. They are marvellous: my fave suede, bronze details, perfect shape, chocolate colour… What’s more, Indre matched their colour with the application on Pia’s sleepsuit she brought 🙂 I like! They slightly remind me of those green Louboutins from my wishlist, so I can definitely tick them off.

Sooo cool to get shoes as a present… Mmm 🙂

Photo:, mine.