Autumn Wishlist

by HelluvaGirl

Started dawdling in the shops and gazing longingly at clothes my old size, imagining myself in them again after giving birth 🙂 Little by little, autumn wishlist gained its form, and here are several words about it.

I was surprised to discover Lindex’s assortment included rather stylish items. VERY AFFORDABLE. I’ve been looking down on Zara, Mango and alike for a while now – it’s sorta loathsome, this fast fashion thing, when the clothes hang with threads sticking out and kind of washed out – and they haven’t left a shop yet. When they do leave a shop and you wear them for a week, then – God forbid – put them in a washing machine, you can say good bye to your new jeans, ’cause the one’s you take out of the machine are usually nothing like the ones you bought. One can hardly afford to dress from head to toes from the National Fashion And Design Gallery, this I know. Guess the best way out then is matching affordable buys with investment buys which will not become dull, washed out and won’t have threads sticking out for many years to come.

1. Anyway, let’s get to the point. I’ve been dreaming of a big cosy cardy – this one I found at Lindex with a large copper pin instead of buttons:

Lindex ilgas megztinis

2. Another find was a cotton light-blue-jeans colour shirt. Can’t find their photo at Lindex online, so here’s a similar one from H&M. I could wear it under the long blue cardy and match with skinny jeans and rough boots:

H&M džinsinė suknelė

3. I lurved this black polka-dot dress – been dreaming of such for a long time, really. The material, allas, is synthetic, which I don’t like. It will go great with my Rouge Dior lipgloss, yummy 🙂 And white see-through stalkings. Or thick black matte. And if I wear red patent leather heels, sheer blacks with a backseam will be uber-great.

Lindex taškuota suknelė

4. Decided a wide-brimmed felt hat is a must-have both for summer and autumn. Add huge sunglasses and off you go:

FetrinÄ— skrybÄ—lÄ—

5. My VW galoches ask for tartan-pattern stockings – just like this lady’s got here on Dolce & Gabanna runway:

Škotiškos kojinės

6. This is the part I start daydreaming big-time… Shoes. Lots of shoes. I already know what are my autumn choices 🙂 Like I said, boots. Elegant and rough:

Žali ASOS aulinukai

H by Hudson aulinukai

My new discovery of old – brogues. I carved my heels to scars as a teenager, wearing mother’s hard-leather shoes, so I quite avoid them. Hopefully, production technology has developed since then 🙂

It’s just an idea – long walks would perfectly do in some calmer colour:

ASOS brogues

Elegance is essential:

Žali zomšiniai aukštakulniai

Erm, kinda boasted about finding nice budget items, and here I go again, finishing with Louboutins…