A Walk in Uzutrakis

by HelluvaGirl

Went to Uzutrakis yesterday to an exhibition opening in the manor. Skipped all formal parts with string music and, having checked out the exhibition itself, where the frames of paintings struck me most, we went for a walk.

Here are some pictures. Not of paintings, however; some people respect the request to refrain from shooting 😉 As it appears more and more often, this post again is nothing spiritual – just clothes 🙂

I have to admit, the ninth month of pregnancy gives challenges for a girl attempting to look stylish. Lacking time to buy new outfits (will have to sell them cheaply on manodrabuziai.lt afterwards again), and those few I have become repetitive.

Accessories come to rescue! I present my new purchase from manodrabuziai.lt:

DSC_4327 - Version 2

Here’s my new cross body frame bag. There was a “gold” plate saying “Versace” instead of the vintage brooch. As I say, fuck the fake, so better a pretty noname than a pretentious lie.


Though I look beaming in the photo below, a few moments later I stopped smiling as it was not grass touching my thighs – I was sitting on busy ants!!! there’s nothing scarier than the idea of them getting THERE. Thank God it didn’t happen. Suffered nervous itchiness long afterwards.


You see ASOS maternity dress (polyester but quite comfy), the bright frame bag from manodrabuziai.lt, Vivienne Westwood shoes.

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.