Ray Ban Cats. Lurve Them!

by HelluvaGirl

Having received some compliments, wanna share my new Ray Ban Cats with you, the price of which even after the offered discount exceeded my budget. Ah, but the old and boring Esprits dropped down in the old-town boutique and lost one of the lenses. Yay!

(Boutique’s called 50 ct. You will pay more for brands like Atmosphere, ASOS and alike, comparing to London shops and online; however in general you will still pay the price of a second-hand item ad save a bit. Plus it offers a range of a lot more interesting items than Vero Moda.)

By the way, about a year ago I walked all over the White Bridge with the sun shining bright and managed not to notice one of the sunglass lenses had fallen out. I entered my office building, took off the shades and was a bit surprised one eye had poorer visibility… Although as far as I remember, nobody stabbed me with strange glances 😀

Frankly speaking, I’ve never been a Ray Ban fan, though I owned Wayfarers as a child. While Cats is a new model. When the manager of the optic’s salon suggested I tried them on, I thought why not. Their shape is rather unusual vs. classy, elegant, universal, safe. On the other hand, where I come from, unusual, similarly to interesting is more a compliment than a polite way of calling something awkward or plain ugly. So:


The frame’s black, the lenses are dark green, almost black really. There is about a million colour choices on the Ray Ban website.

Here are some pics with ASOS harem sweatpants which already went knotty a bit but they are definitely comfy. Thinking of visiting the National Fashion And Design Gallery – perhaps the Lithuanians have made something like that of a better-quality material. Depending on it, these pants can be far away from casual. Anyways:



The top’s from Warehouse – it was enclosed in some Elle or Vogue mag which He brought me from London last year. Sometimes the simplest clothes become so favoured though you’d never go and buy them in a shop… 🙂

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.