Floral Print Stepford Wife's Sweater

by HelluvaGirl

My fave vintage Atmosphere sweater. Found it in 50 ct boutique right opposite The Dubliner in Vilnius. Took a heap of clothes and went out with the one I’d have never expected to. It has this Stepford-wife air about it – ruffled sleeves and tiny floral print… It was at home that I noticed it’s size 16 (jesuschrist 🙂 ) – perhaps I can resize it after the baby comes and the belly goes.


DSC_4302 - Version 3

Got this handbag from www.manodrabuziai.lt:

DSC_4302 - Version 2

I recommend it; one of the eco-fashion websites where people sell (usually for a symbolic price), give away and exchange items that are morally old, not suitable, loved etc. I truly appreciate the idea and I’ve already bought / exchanged several thingies. Besides, I feel pleasure to think my long-forgotten dress is not going to the garbage container (where somebody find it and clap their hands, I believe) but instead becomes. It’s even meaningful, you see!

Photo: Augustas Gutautas.