Vivienne Westwood Anglomania

by HelluvaGirl

Alleluia. Just died and was resurrected.

A short intro first.

Our doorbell isn’t working. Such a hard task to fix it, that’s why it isn’t working, you see. It was the reason why I had to go to DPD warehouses myself to fetch my ASOS delivery once. They would’ve come later but I didn’t wanna wait…

March it was, and the doorbell hasn’t fixed itself since then, of course. I was just waiting for my VW shoezies when I thought: will the courier come to his senses and knock?

He didn’t. But apparently God had mercy on me for all the 3rd semester sufferings and sent his Light upon me: I get up from my bed, look through the window and there’s a DPD van standing on the street! I run to the door, open them et voila! – there’s a note he didn’t find me at home… I dial the number and exclaim: please come back! I’m home, I’m home! The courier returns and I’m saved:

VW Anglomania shoes

It’s the picture from the online shop. And here’s how they look on my feet – right where they’re supposed to be:





They smell of bubble gum πŸ˜€ Purely plastic. Very soft and comfy.

A short note on ASOS delivery: I haven’t photographed the last one – I’m new to style blogging, so thought would skip those old nws in the end. Generally they deliver promptly, within five days. This time the shoe box was torn (the delivery box was untouched) but I’m forgiving them as the shoes are spotless. Oh, and last time I received a perfumed dress – someone’s obviously β€œtried it on” and returned. When I complained they suggested I return it and they’d exchange. Well, the return expenses are on me, so I washed it and once again forgave them.

Oh, how happy I am with the VW gummies! Seems like I’ve even got the energy to wash the floor. Farewell, until this feeling hasn’t abandoned me.

Photo:, mine.