by HelluvaGirl

Something rather extraordinary happened today. I went downtown and bought – not shoes – but a number of acrylic paint tubes, a palette, some canvases, brushes; brought everything home and now am waiting until I’m alone. I’m suddenly so into painting; isn’t it strange? The pregnancy must’ve cut open a hole to the world of muses and my shoe craziness was substituted by acrylic paint craziness. Argh, the curious part is what’s gonna come of it.

And yersteray while making an ASOS order I forgot to indicate my country 🙂 Seems to be alright – sent them a latter afterwards. If everything goes fine, next week I shall find out what happens when you buy things without actually touching and examining them.

Here’s the booty:

The dress is polyester, so I had my doubts. But clever people say if I don’t wrap myself up in jackets, I won’t sweat and all will be perfect.


This is a non-maternity dress with a deep cut at the back but everything will fit in – a cocoon dress it is after all:


You can laugh but I find those very comfy 🙂


This Kookai belt is a great find. A truly beautiful item:


Aya said those wet-look leggings make legs look thin very much – good for me, it’ll go well with the black drape dress or the blue candy dress:


I’ve been needing a new black thing for a while now, and I’m starting to fancy clutches a lot:


That’s it. Will update you on what I see.

Photos: asos.com