Helping My Rich Uncle from America

by HelluvaGirl

My B-day is coming and just like last year I’m making a gift-list. Immodest? Who cares. Only browsing all those thingies is such a pleasure, let alone getting at least one of them 🙂

1. I’m not here to surprise you – shoes. One can’t have too many shoes, be it crisis, unemployment or any other force majeure. Shoes save us from nervous breakdowns and is the next best thing after moral values without the “m”.

This is Alexander:


The Ugg boots:

This season offers loads of stunning heels which I won’t put on, so I have to consider what’s left. The Ugg boots is a good alternative for rough boots during the warm season. I want them in black.


2. Tiffany’s. It’s the next next best thing. If one could touch love, it would look like this:




3. I’ve heard SPA Vilnius in Druskininkai has a special treatment for moms-to-be. Would lurve something of that sort. Also a facial at Franko salonas.

4. Marcel Rufo “Children’s Sexuality”

5. New sunglasses.

6. Easel.

If I think of anything else, will add to this list. Meanwhile, am going to daydream 🙂