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Yoü And I

You & I (Forever)

The Grand Mismatch. Oh Sorry – It’s “Say You Love Me”

I wish you’d chosen me… to be next to everything you continue to have.

The Deal

And then it dawned on me. The Universe will take the deal as soon as I deliver: when I will drop the conviction you are the One.

The River And the Cloud

Whenever there’s a day of silence between us, I fall into the water of the river Goodbye. I’m thinking you resigned. You got tired and gave up. You decided to stick to your path and not challenge the slim chance of you and me becoming us. This is crazy after all, and life tends to embrace […]

Poppies on a Minefield

We were from the Beginning, if there was one. You and I. We are everything, like everything else in the universe. Cells in the organism. Barely individual, just on the surface. Dive deeper – and there are no faces, genders, concepts, attributes, peculiarities. We are but particles of the force of life which I sometimes call […]

Pair of Wings

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0oRCFW9dVA I’m a part-time dreamer, it’s true. I also love poetry. But while Justin sings of wings, I’m thinking #planes.

You And Me


The Room of Words

We have a room, you and I. Nothing like incidental hotel rooms I’ve been to, or suffocating little places where I’d never bring visitors.