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Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Ukraine

Saw Jamala first on the semi-final and was shocked how it wasn’t a performance at all. I mean the woman has profound vocal abilities and the song is great. Yet it was like having a skull brought in during one of Trimalchio’s feasts. She wasn’t putting up a show – she was bringing a message, a […]

Happy Anniversary, Lithuania!

It all starts with blueberry jam. Pia’s recently discovered it with her oatmeal porridge. You know, Love, when I was a kid, my parents and Mother Grandmother would make jam at home. They would pick buckets of berries, take a huge pot and cook it with sugar. Why wouldn’t they buy it in a shop like […]

What If

With the geopolitical tension continuously rising, I often think about what lies ahead. I have always been so afraid of war that when Ukraine events broke out, I began thinking where I would flee in case Russian aggression continued to move further. Mrs. Nielsen assured in the most serious manner she would have a refugee camp […]

Le conseguenze della guerra

You fight your war passionately, as if your life depended on it – doesn’t it always? You suffer casualties and carry on. You methodically pursue your  aim, thinking up new strategies and acting undercover. After years you realise there was never an enemy there, and no actual war per se, just you and your ever-intimate […]