This is not a diary any more

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Be Calm

Be calm. Be still. When you walk down the street, feel the motion around you slow down, the air thin out, and hear the Eternity whisper. The times I walk my cold avenues and you stroll your sunny alleys, if you could just grasp that moment, we would meet. That thinning of the air, that slowing down of motion. […]


We Are All Going to Die

There was light music in the background. People were talking, trying to get a drink, watching others, going to the loo, flirting. I was standing next to Girlfriend as we both were silent for a while. She is someone I can afford to be silent with. And then time started rolling in a funny way. It […]

A Thousand Years

Making, Giving, Losing Time

I choose reality over fantasy, methodically performing acts that those next to me can perceive as involvement, though I cannot be sure if my patience will last another day or whether I will see any point the day after tomorrow.

About Time

It’s one of the rare films I watched and laughed out loud from the bottom of my heart, and then also cried sweet-and-sourly without stopping myself, too. It resonated with such a broad range of my emotions and felt like spiritual cumming, you know, when you get the feeling the whole area of your heart […]