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I flew away, leaving the ocean behind my back. Its endless surface was glimmering at the perennial moonshine, covered by vast comforting darkness, undisturbed by human sounds or the wind. The smell of the sea – it follows you no matter how far away you go. It lingers on your skin and drenches into your spirit. 

The Tale of the Wall

There was a planet on the outskirts of the Universe, inhabited by winds who liked to play with vast oceans and to caress magnificent volcanos asleep. A man lived on that planet, who’s beauty was immense and overtaking as the light and splendour of the Sun. There lived a woman on that planet, whose slow and sensuous abidance emanated balmy Moon […]

Time Out

I love the parks and stadiums I stop driving by in the most unusual time of day. I step out and have a cigarette leaning on my car window, radio playing inside, and watch the autumnal bushes giving away secrets to the wind. It’s somewhat thrilling to appear in places I never purposefully go to. It makes me think […]

Love Love Love

The Wooden Stick

If you don’t know what to do, make a small step. Sometimes the change you want seems so vast from where you’re standing that you’d never collect the resolution to become it. Do you know how sailors survive the sea after shipwreck?

Garnier Ambre Solaire Light & Silky Protection Lotion SPF 30

If you’re looking for an affordable sunscreen which would also have proper texture, this is the one to go for. By proper texture I mean something else than my sad beach experience with some other sunscreens which, after application, make you so sticky your hair is all over the face and all you do on […]