This is not a diary any more

Tag: sadness

The Location of My Heart

It’s another time of year that Lover rediscovers my phone number. As I have decided to quit our usual drill a while ago – because if anything could’ve happened, it would’ve in 12 years, right? – I don’t pick up tonight. He thinks I’m partying again. On second thought, I text him. To be honest, I feel like shit. […]

My Least Favourite Life

The embrace of sleep becomes lukewarm. I twist and turn in my sheets, pushing the awakening further away. Anxiety burns in the solar plexus. Weren’t those pills supposed to help?

Самый быстрый самолет

On Helluvagrey Nothingness

I know I’ve been here but every time it looks like a new place: no exit, nothing to take hold of, eternal. Yes, I am in that transition period.

Only Lovers Left Alive

I think I just saw one of my all-time favourites! I mean how amusing can it get when Adam and Eve appear to be still here among us? And yet it can – when you find out just how they get by.