This is not a diary any more

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i used to be afraid of many things invisible irrational and unexplained this fear would paralyse me to my fingertips till i could barely breathe making my way i found myself a weapon then resembling a little secret spell invisible irrational unverified protecting from my sneaky monsters still i’d sing i’d sing myself to calm to […]

Perfect Moment

Do you remember this? She turns up the volume. *** The funeral home is full of familiar faces. People looking around, recognising each other, coming up and speaking in low voices. One of the girls, his friend’s wife, stands in front of me and says: There was a woman. He did this because of her. It […]


I flew away, leaving the ocean behind my back. Its endless surface was glimmering at the perennial moonshine, covered by vast comforting darkness, undisturbed by human sounds or the wind. The smell of the sea – it follows you no matter how far away you go. It lingers on your skin and drenches into your spirit. 

next life

stop promising me the next life don’t you remember last time you did the same now is the next life there’s nothing more to us but hanging in between forever in every life we had in every other to come

The Tale of the Wall

There was a planet on the outskirts of the Universe, inhabited by winds who liked to play with vast oceans and to caress magnificent volcanos asleep. A man lived on that planet, who’s beauty was immense and overtaking as the light and splendour of the Sun. There lived a woman on that planet, whose slow and sensuous abidance emanated balmy Moon […]


I can make you happy. If you didn’t want or couldn’t have kids, I would not want them any more. I could give you as much space and freedom as you liked. I would take care of you in a wheelchair and love you every day. I think I would love you even if you […]

Let Me Get the Door My Love

Let me get the door my Love I’ll take care of it in a second Probably a salesman or the woman bringing the mail Let me get the door my Love Yes I am sure the bell was just ringing   It’s Common Sense standing at the door Saying I should wake up to reality […]

1. Move on

In my secret dusty catacombs, I sometimes sit and think if there are things I would not do for you. Disturbingly enough, I can’t think of them. I imagine situations, push the limits and see that there is still that extra mile I could go for you.


I like the way your mind works. /…/ Like a library of exotic sweets, rich paintings, flowing poetry, eternal music and literary knowledge in one… I also came across a few volumes of liberation and a magnum opus of pure light, passion and tenderness. A place to revel and swim in natural bliss… Though I’m still […]


We’re not on the same page. In fact, we are two different books at the remotest corners of a huge library.

My Letter to You, Five Years from Now

It is amazing how passionately we move towards some things that in the course of time appear to have been of a very different purpose than it seemed at the moment passing by. Some of them, though, leave you wondering about the possibilities that are given to you but not fully, as if we were […]

The Prophet

Found a little something.

On Shining Stars

When you speak of me as more radiant than a kaleidoscope of nirvanic bliss… I realise it’s flattery, but also begin to see how all this impossibility of being together makes sense.  I have been employed as a shining star before.