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Never Alone

I’ve never been a girl in a relationship. No. But I’ve always been a girl in love. Always having a crush, always infatuated, inspired and high. If I weren’t, it felt wrong. As if something would be missing. A part of myself numbing, my heart undergoing atrophy.

Buenos Aires

Photo:Ā intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com

The Muse

His eyes are warm. Smiling. Curious. He takes a few glimpses at my face and I can see those eyes light up. They are captivated, passionate, demanding. At some point, as I sit looking at him, he shakes his head, excited. You inspire me. His hand swiftly moves as he sketches.

Looking for One, Finding Another

I open my eyes and slowly return from a sticky dream. In moments like these, I feel like a sick person on medsĀ sensing he’s almost recovered – sleep is my drug, my sea. I can never get enough. Yet I take a look at the ceiling and it strikes me: I jump out of bed […]

Rebel without a Cause

American Beauty


Where Can I Find This Distant Light

A friend of mine asked me to translate a poem (actually, it’s a song) from Russian into English ages ago. I started and felt I just couldn’t go on. Maybe because it’s a very special friend and I want to do a real good job, and you know what it’s like with translating poems. You […]

Goddamn Hillarious

Some inspiration for my enthusiastic knitting friends, Aya in the first place šŸ˜€ Photo: auksarankes.lt

Roisin Murphy as a Style Inspiration

Strong personalities like stronger personalities. Street diva, the ultimate style icon to many, Roisin Murphy’s personage is genuine, bold, schizophrenic, stylised and ironic. There’s a feel her flamboyant costumes are an extension of her nature, not just a product of a stylist team. Star quality. httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hAV2VTbIRA Photo: coquetteblog.wordpress.com, list.co.uk, slsvggfashion.files.wordpress.com, i.telegraph.co.uk, arjanwrites.com, images.mirror.co.uk, userserve-ak.last.fm, promonews.tv, […]