This is not a diary any more

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i used to be afraid of many things invisible irrational and unexplained this fear would paralyse me to my fingertips till i could barely breathe making my way i found myself a weapon then resembling a little secret spell invisible irrational unverified protecting from my sneaky monsters still i’d sing i’d sing myself to calm to […]


What are you afraid of?

Association Game

Imagine an animal. It’s a doe. What do you do when you see it? I look her in the eye. What does she do? She stands there for a moment, then turns around and runs away. Now imagine water. It’s… no, not an ocean. It’s a lake. With a boat on it. Ok, now think […]

Giving in to the Risk

I took a little risk this morning. My car insurance had expired last night and the girl was supposed to email me the papers today some time before noon. I could’ve bothered to take a bus. It would’ve been a longer and much more inconvenient journey to work, albeit not involving the risk of getting […]


I have a friend and we play a game. It’s called Comfort Zone Project, or CZP.

What If

With the geopolitical tension continuously rising, I often think about what lies ahead. I have always been so afraid of war that when Ukraine events broke out, I began thinking where I would flee in case Russian aggression continued to move further. Mrs. Nielsen assured in the most serious manner she would have a refugee camp […]

God’s Love

They say God’s Love is measured by the scope of challenges he gives us. If so, God must be growing real fond of me. He keeps inviting me to his playground where his lethal breath is right about to shatter my life as I know it.

See you on the other side

See you on the other side… These words linger with me like an omen.