This is not a diary any more

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Saturday Night Out

I have this poppy red lipstick that makes me want to have a job where it should be a uniform. Like a pencil skirt to a stewardess. Or a tie to a banker. It makes me a different person as soon as I put it on – it makes me me. Unfortunately, every single day […]

The Tale of the Wall

There was a planet on the outskirts of the Universe, inhabited by winds who liked to play with vast oceans and to caress magnificent volcanos asleep. A man lived on that planet, who’s beauty was immense and overtaking as the light and splendour of the Sun. There lived a woman on that planet, whose slow and sensuous abidance emanated balmy Moon […]


Hello. I’ve finished my phone call outside the business centre when he passed by. Looked a bit more slouchy and the dark hair had silverish highlights in places. There was still that Gypsy playfulness about the face, just like 10 years ago.

In The Beginning, There Was Darkness

We met after my brief text. I never extend my messages beyond the fact I’m back, and a question if he’s got time to meet. I know that he will, whenever he can. He will make time, and thus, on my part, it is mere politeness to ask if he will. He takes me to […]