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What Do I Want?

I was asked what I wanted for my birthday. It got me thinking what I want generally and most of all. 1. I want to be where my home is. I want to feel that, where I am, is the place. Not where somebody else is. Ok, so I guess I want my home to be […]

Birthday Thank You

I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be remembered by every single person today who is very important to me and whose attention is a gift in itself. Like everyone else I enjoy a warm word and a kind wish on a birthday. It’s even more cool of you to reach […]

birthday gift

drowning in anticipation doubtful of the chance and then and then the ray of sun making my day melting in sweetness in blossom-like rapture it’s all i wished for today

On Happiness, Mostly

I recently tweeted something childishly simple: that I finally knew what the purpose of my life was. Being happy. It does sound like… anything else.

Tequila sans Caballeros

Aya’s B-day theme was salsa and I wore a red rose in my hair as required – although we were dancing to Amy Winehouse and techno almost all the night 😀 It was practically a bachelorette like one of our ancient school parties where guys either didn’t attend or were quite modest comparing to us. […]

Birthday Post-Card from Mrs. Nielsen

Very original and thoughtful, dear 😉 Photo: mine.

What Kind of Birthday without Chanel? Oh, And Books

Birthday presents came before I even started to make a wishlist… If Augustas and I ever break up, he’ll be the most sought-after rebound, let me assure you. Photo: mine.

B-Day Wishlist

Here’s my pretty list: 1. A watch: 2. Jewellery: 3. Shoes, many shoes: 4. Book “1001 Movie until You Die” 5. Also could be a dress, genital piercing, Barbie doll or cute slippers 🙂 Photo: piaget.com, ck.com, manoloblahnik.com, chanel.com