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tell me sweet nothings i miss you


when her sleepy eyes travel down the morning landscape of his chest skin against the breeze of his exhale sunk in the scent of his peaceful embrace she remembers no other names and in the tenderest minutes of all farewells she hopes he is half as sad to leave as she is to keep letting him go


chemicals rush in the brain predictable configurations of possible outcomes of all interactions from the beginning of time in love insane quiet funerals of loud ideals are the favourite places to be now looking for triggers to feel anything at all *** 19 July 2015


i used to be afraid of many things invisible irrational and unexplained this fear would paralyse me to my fingertips till i could barely breathe making my way i found myself a weapon then resembling a little secret spell invisible irrational unverified protecting from my sneaky monsters still i’d sing i’d sing myself to calm to […]


The Muse

His eyes are warm. Smiling. Curious. He takes a few glimpses at my face and I can see those eyes light up. They are captivated, passionate, demanding. At some point, as I sit looking at him, he shakes his head, excited. You inspire me. His hand swiftly moves as he sketches.

The Japanese Club

The Prophet

Found a little something.

I See

Everything that happens suddenly makes sense.

American Beauty


Madeline! I Need to Speak to Madeline!

  Photo: Vilma Bareikaite, post: mine

And then I Brush and Brush and Brush and Brush my Hair

Photo: Vilma Bareikaite, post: mine  


Photo: mine.


With this post, I open a new category on Daily Looks – Art. Gonna share what I do myself, maybe will post some of the things I’ve done a while ago, and introduce pieces of art by others that inspire and impress me and which I find worth remembering. The painting’s called “Two”. Created under […]