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1. Vipassana. A Curious Experiment

Disclaimer: This is a personal experience of a novice in Vipassana, presented as a series of insights, not an attempt to render advice or explain the technique in full extent, and should not be taken as guidance or a comprehensive course report.  *** I can clearly sense his disapproval from short texts which, in seconds of trying to “shut […]

I’m Off

Minutes before I leave to Vipassana retreat, I take the food from the fridge and give away to neighbours (I just hate to throw it out). Doing the dishes, I suddenly realise why I feel so calm and confident about the next 10 days of isolation and, as Friend put it today, sensorial deprivation.

Barcelona. Day Four. Part Three

I have considered Sagrada Familia as one of the commercialised tourists spots. Having entered it, I realised it was a sight everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Not only as a masterpiece of design – great design gets me weak at the knees any day. But it’s also about the vastness of one’s […]

Barcelona. Day Four. Part Two

We have 30 minutes till our visit to Sagrada Familia. I take Pia to Placa de Gaudi where she instantly starts playing with the sand. I sit on a bench and ask a guy there whether it’s ok if I smoke. He puts away his book and says he is a smoker, too, thanks for […]

Barcelona. Day Four. Part One

Aaah, so finally I come to witness the amiable nature of the nation. We need to print a bunch of tickets I’ve purchased to Sagrada Familia, Museu Picasso, l’Aquarium and Parc Guell. As we reach the spot where an internet cafe is supposed to be according to Here, it’s nowhere to be found. I ask […]

Barcelona. Day Three. Part Two

Pia wants to go to Pulperia to see Waiter again. I promise to take her after siesta. On our way, we pop round Santa Maria del Mar – an amazingly beautiful church. You couldn’t even tell from the outside. The spiritual thickness of the air reminds me of Duomo a bit.

Barcelona. Day Three. Part One.

We share an applein the sun on a bench at Parc del Laberint de l’Horta. The Labyrinth isn’t yet open after the seasonal maintenance; however, the park is availablefor visitors. She hugs her Teddy Bear tight as we speak about something.

Barcelona. Day Two. Part Two

It’s very complicated to persuade her to eat something that’s not bananas, Greek yogurt or toast. We have a nice walk in the evening but I know she’s hungry and it bugs me that she never gets as hungry as to eat whatever the hell is on the menu. She likes mashed potatoes. I tell […]

Barcelona. Day Two. Part One

I wanted this holiday to be easy-going. No excessive planning in advance (though I did a bit of homework, inevitably), no strict abidance to the plan and no consequential stress. Happy to say it works. I just notice situations where I would begin to get nervous or hurry and I just don’t. We went to […]

Barcelona. Day One

I always knew I’d love Barcelona. I mean I’m a fan of cinema, and what the spectacularly-directedsights of the city in Vicky Christina Barcelona didn’t do, Javier Bardem did. And the spicy yet paradoxicallyidealistic although too realménage à trois. And Christina’sphrase at the end, on the escalator: I don’t know what I want. Anyway, I […]

The Night Before Last Night. Silence

The weather was perfect. Clear -2, full moon, a gazillion of stars and serenity like nowhere else. I looked above at Ursa Major and other constellations. He stopped to type something on his phone. i can show you the little one

The Night Before Last Night. Hike

We were taking a night hike in the woods. 20 people, backpacks and a point B we could reach in three hours, if lucky, or never, depending on the map readers’ skill. In the experiential training we got team tasks, like reaching an agreed destination point, meeting the second group, giving them a non-material present, […]

On Happiness, Mostly

I recently tweeted something childishly simple: that I finally knew what the purpose of my life was. Being happy. It does sound like… anything else.

My Thoughts Over There

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