Eurovision 2016 Favourites. Lithuania

by HelluvaGirl

What's the best thing about a song? It presses certain emotional buttons, triggers associations and generally stimulates one's imagination. When I hear this song, I'm suddenly a teenager in love, with the whole world a promise, and the fact that Donny Montell has his looks makes my mind go this exciting path like it's a walk in the park. However, another remarkable thing is the official video of this hit and the choice of the female character. You look into her face - a party girl with the touch of femme fatale. Ok. Then the camera slides down and you're like, wow what? She is sooo not a Barbie doll! Those are expected but never imprint for a long time in your memory. This one is not perfect - and just perfect that way. I believe this choice of cast was a very well-calculated move of Donny's production and PR teams, and it's a winning one. In the world of enforcing hardly-attainable body-image time and again - though hypocritically preaching against unrealistic standards - this girl tells us great nights happen even if you are plus size. And it's not even a lie. Let me just feel proud once again to witness Donny's talent - he surely owns it!Facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmailFacebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmail