This is not a diary any more

Your Beauty, the Sun

Imagine someone so handsome your eyes hurt to look at. Someone so good looking you instinctively turn away humbled as if you dived into bright sunshine all of a sudden.  Read the rest of this entry »

Fall Back

Don’t you love the chaotic rave of instruments? It’s so representative of life: the leading motive and the windy mess swaying around it. Sometimes the noise gets louder than anything else but the order in the chaos is never absent.

There Are No Right Decisions, Just Decisions

I began to think perhaps you are my destiny.

Precisely because you are everything I look down on. I have learnt that people whom I find extremely, disturbingly unlike me are the ones to teach me the hardest lesson. The one I need the most? Read the rest of this entry »

Love Love Love

Lost Stars

Begin Again

Wow. Wow.

It misses all the prerequisite components: sex between the main characters, a happy ending – an actual ending! – because it’s like that in life, there is never an ending (luckily, there is some sex, though). Read the rest of this entry »

Love Story

I remembered this really strange new thing that happened twice within the past several months within the total of 33 years – I felt like calling my father. No reason. No actual topic to cover, either.

But I’d call him still. He’d be surprised and fairly lost after realising I called because I only wanted to chat. Read the rest of this entry »

split second

for single second
there was a falling star
there was a name

Vieni su


Walking with Elephants

Well done Mario Bassanov! A piece by a Lithuanian DJ on the European Hit Radio Top playlist.