This is not a diary any more

Love Me Like You Do

A modern-day Cinderella story. Can’t collect myself to listen to the 2 volume of the audiobook #yawn

Timely Reflection


Mum, are you going to sleep in your clothes?


Mum, you just went outside wearing the same clothes you slept in.

Mental note: change. And cut the damn hair.

Pia’s Wisdom. My Choice

Pia had one of her brightest moments last week.

We were driving to the kindergarten in the morning and, as I was slowing down at the red lights, she said:

Mummy, those boys and girls don’t know what we want.

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guest gardener

no matter how little
i mean to you
i love you

forĀ love is not
an object of trade
you give me yours
i give you mine

it is a sovereignĀ state
i’m only a pilgrimĀ to
not an owner
a guest

you enter
in its magnifying light
and all you bring
grows hundredfold

i think i’ll stay
to be a gardener
i’ll weed out everything
not worth to grow

in that rewarding light
i’ll burn dead stems
infertile origins
and aspirations

before i know
there’ll be no you
no property or name

i’m on my way


The Lighter

I look at couples as if they lived on the planet called Mutuality, and I was hanging in outer space, watching theĀ strange species, feeling slightly sick.

I flinch hearing those people say the word “soulmate”. Do they even know the meaning of the word? It feels like nobody knows it but me. And I wish they didn’t find out. Read the rest of this entry »

Red Lights

Buenos Aires


Photo:Ā intelligenttravel.nationalgeographic.com


Don’t Wait