This is not a diary any more

Giving in to the Risk

I took a little risk this morning.

My car insurance had expired last night and the girl was supposed to email me the papers today some time before noon.

I could’ve bothered to take a bus. It would’ve been a longer and much more inconvenient journey to work, albeit not involving the risk of getting into an accident and having to cover the costs out of my own pocket because my car wouldn’t be¬†insured for those several hours. Read the rest of this entry Ľ

Colour to the Soul

There are people in our lives who eventually turn into concepts ingrained in our core. Their lives apart from us blend into our soul and add another shade to our identity. Their history is ever-present in the way we look at things, like a one-of colour in our sentiment. They saturate our perception. And there is no past tense for this.

After all the words, I feel I owe you silence.


Playing with Numbers


Always been convinced I was special to you in certain ways. The only one. In several aspects.

Beginning to see I am not – do I dramatise it? Hm… I guess no sense. I’m just surprised how perfectly life draws a veil on our perception and timely conceals certain shades of reality from our judgement.

Fine by me. Read the rest of this entry Ľ


You’ll see, one day you’ll smile at¬†your child and tell her you are so loving¬†because¬†you didn’t get everything you wanted.

I was driving home, feeling nauseous. The sun was finally showing off, painting rainbows on leaden skies.¬†A rare guest this spring, she acts like a schoolgirl skipping class. Read the rest of this entry Ľ



to love a man
who can’t
collect himself
to utter my name

Birthday Thank You

I want to take a moment to say how grateful I am to be remembered by every single person today who is very important to me and whose attention is a gift in itself.

Like everyone else I enjoy a warm word and a kind wish on a birthday.¬†It’s even more cool of you to reach me not being conveniently available on Facebook, not throwing a party or reminding of myself in any other way.

You made me think this is the best I could wish for. You made my day fulfilling and me truly happy.

The small things, huh. Never underestimate those.

birthday gift

drowning in anticipation
doubtful of the chance

and then
and then

the ray of sun
making my day
in sweetness
in blossom-like
it’s all¬†i¬†wished for