This is not a diary any more

On the Way

I think I have told you everything there is to tell another person, and yet it still feels like a vast Universe untold, and I am desperate I will never have a chance, or time; that I will die, and nobody will let you know why I don’t reply to emails.

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Rebel without a Cause

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American Beauty

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About Time

It’s one of the rare films I watched and laughed out loud from the bottom of my heart, and then also cried sweet-and-sourly without stopping myself, too. It resonated with such a broad range of my emotions and felt like spiritual cumming, you know, when you get the feeling the whole area of your heart opens and something starts pouring out, at the same time filling you up. Read the rest of this entry »

Rather Be

On Genius, Transformed

Last night, I dreamed Genius again.

I’d dream him all those years since I dramatically moved to Vilnius, as someone once put it. Because it was the autumn I moved here that I met him, and it was 11 years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

On Her Place

What I do sometimes, having stepped into my empty home, is sit still in the hallway and watch the living room. I sit there in my coat and shoes, refraining myself from the automatic routine of getting undressed and involving into the modern dance of housework.

I sit for a while, looking at the place as if it wasn’t mine. Read the rest of this entry »

Madeline! I Need to Speak to Madeline!

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Photo: Vilma Bareikaite, post: mine

And then I Brush and Brush and Brush and Brush my Hair




Photo: Vilma Bareikaite, post: mine


The Bold and the Beautiful

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Photo: Vilma Bareikaite, post: mine