This is not a diary any more


Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

Bare Feet

Something That You Said

Drops of Jupiter

Half the World Away

Perfect Moment

Do you remember this?

She turns up the volume.


The funeral home is full of familiar faces. People looking around, recognising each other, coming up and speaking in low voices.

One of the girls, his friend’s wife, stands in front of me and says:

There was a woman. He did this because of her. It was complicated, they say. Nobody has seen her, though. I wonder if she’s here.

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Insanely in Love

I want to fall in love.

The no-looking-back way, there’s-nobody-else-in-the-world-I-see kind of way. I want it to be crazy and sparkling with chemistry, and mutual.

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Be Calm

Be calm. Be still.

When you walk down the street, feel the motion around you slow down, the air thin out, and hear the Eternity whisper.

The times I walk my cold avenues and you stroll your sunny alleys, if you could just grasp that moment, we would meet.

That thinning of the air, that slowing down of motion.

We are about to die but look around – it’s beautiful.

Look inside. It’s Forever.

Hope I Don’t Fall in Love with You